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Best Dildos

A list of the best dildos girls can buy

Every girl needs a sex toy! Sure, vibrators are super nice, but sometimes you just want that special feeling deep inside you, right? That’s where these amazing dildos come in. We guarantee they feel just as good as your boyfriend (and maybe even better 😉 ). These are the coolest, most realistic and just the best dildos you can buy.

The best dildos out there

Are you currently in between relationships? Is the man in your life out of reach a lot? Do you want to spice up your sex life? Or are you wondering how it would feel to have a guy inside you?

I feel ya, girl! You can never have too many things to play with. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to lock it away in your socks drawer or make your bf jealous when he’s not around. You deserve this. Pick one, or pick ’em all!

Let’s start with the Louviva Confetti, my personal favorite. It’s averagely sized, but that’s really the only average thing about this one. Look at those cool colors! This is a dildo you’d proudly leave out on your night stand on purpose. It has a super realistic shape, it has a suction cup that sticks to basically every wall or floor and – take it from me – it feels reallyreally good. It’s slightly more expensive than your average rubber toy, but look at it! It’s so happy!

Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand

The Crystal Glass Pleasure Wand is perfect for starters. It’s not super long and it’s definitely not super thick. The reason is that it’s actually made for anal pleasure, but there’s nothing stopping you from trying it out the normal way. It’s made of glass, which gives it a classy, luxurious look. It’s ribbed in a really cool way for maximum feels, and if you want to, you can even flip it around! This is every girl’s ideal gateway dildo.

Lynx Double Ice

Are you ready for something a little more kinky? This Lynx Double Ice Dildo is a threesome hiding in your socks drawer! Don’t worry, it’s not as big as it looks, but that doesn’t mean it won’t bring you the pleasure you deserve. It’s shaped with one purpose in mind: double penetration. Try not to have a super intense orgasm with this one, I dare you. If you’re into some MMF action but you find yourself all alone in your bedroom, the Lynx will help you out.

Hand Blown Glass Massager

Yeah, “massager”. We all know what this thing does. And it does it reallyreally well. The Hand Blown‘s unprecedented shape – it kinda looks like something Ariel would use, doesn’t it? – gives you sensations you may never have felt before. It’s ribbed, it’s smooth, and it doesn’t go cold. You can even head it up or put it in the fridge for a while for some extra tingles. Octopuses may not be your favorite animals, but at least their tentacles know a trick or two.

Lynx 11 inch

This Lynx thing is big. It’s really big. I’m pretty sure 11 inch is plenty to make you scream. If it’s size you crave, this is definitely one of the best dildos out there. You really don’t need a well-hung porn star to fill you up, you can just get this gigantic piece of rubber. It’s shaped like that one guy you always fantasize about in your daydreams. You can stick it to the wall or to the floor and pretend you’re getting hammered by an out-of-this-world shaped guy, or just hold it in both hands and have your way with it. Can you cake it all?

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