13 solo positions girls HAVE to try

masturbation positions
Masturbation is so much fun! But it’s even more fun when you change things up a bit every now and again. There are a lot of different positions you can get yourself in while playing. Some are perfect for fingering, others are perfect for rubbing, but they’re all so cool! Here are 13 masturbation positions for girls you have to have tried, or at least have on your bucket list.  We love masturbation. We think every girl should do it, if she wants to. But

Lesbian sex positions

best lesbian sex positions
With or without toys, girls can have a lot of fun together. Whether you're a full-on lesbian, swinging both ways or just trying things out, girl-on-girl sex can be steamy. Not every regular position works, but there's a bunch that do, and even a few that wouldn't do much with a guy involved. These are the best lesbian sex positions for girls. It really doesn't matter if you could ever fall in love with a girl, or already have. All that matters is that

Girls, let’s play!

Drawing of a naked girl masturbating
Girls, let’s masturbate! That’s right. This page is fully devoted to you, your body, and the search for that amazing feeling called orgasm. But let’s not rush into it. There’s a whole lot of ground to cover. Whether it’s fingering, using toys, rubbing or penetrating, we’re going to do it all, slowly, and it’s going to feel amazing. Here’s all you’ve ever needed to know about masturbation.  Want to read the guy version of this post? Here it is! Everybody is different, and every body