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The Piledriver

Sex positions: Piledriver position

The Piledriver isn’t the most widely used sex position of them all. Not in the bedroom, at least. If porn was anything like the real world, we’d all be doing it all the time. Even though we aren’t, it’s still a fun one to try out for a change. Here’s everything you’ll ever need to know about the Piledriver position.

When people build houses, they use piledrivers to make sure the structure won’t collapse. When wrestlers want to finish somebody off, they use the Piledriver move to make sure their opponent’s structure does collapse. When two people like each other, they use the Piledriver sex position to… well, we’re not entirely sure, but when you’re in a certain mood, it may be worth trying out. Here’s how it goes.

The girl

The girl is in a somewhat precarious position, just like a wrestler who just got piledriven. She’s on her back, leaning on her shoulder blades. The rest of her body is kicked up, either stretched all the way into the air or bent back over her face. Her arms may be spread wide on the floor for balance, holding her legs in place, or playing with herself. Her legs are spread very, VERY wide.

The guy

The guy is standing (this is important: don’t let the knees touch the ground) behind her, or in front of her, or however you want to see it. He places one leg on either side of her body, hovers his hips over hers, lowers himself, and pushes his dick down as far as he can. He may use his hands to keep the girl in place, occasionally pulling her back up in case she has slipped a bit.

The movement

The movement itself has nothing to do with either the construction of a building or wrestling. It’s more like a dipping, dunking motion, almost like teabagging. If the guy leans over a bit more, he may actually be able to use his hips to actually fuck her, but this is not for everyone. When the angle is right, the guy may be able to take the girl in a pretty rough way, but some may end up just wiggling about most of the time.

The extras

Oh, boy. There’s tons of extras, which is why it’s one of porn’s favorite positions. It’s perfect for anal – in fact, there’s usually a better angle to hit the back door than to take the front. The guy can do whatever he likes to the girl’s bits, too: rubbing, fingering, spitting, you name it. He can grab the girl’s neck, he can choke her, touch her boobs, turn himself around inside her, and, when things are about done, pull out and explode all over her. Porny, right?

The catch

But there’s always a catch. The main catch: angle. Some guys just aren’t built for this. Which is fine! Don’t force it. Additionally, the Piledriver isn’t the world’s leading female empowerment sex position. It can be a bit degrading, especially when you use one or more of the Extras. Lastly, it’s pretty tough on the girl’s body as well as the guy’s upper legs. Make sure you’re both in shape before trying this one.

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